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Make the workshop world a better place!

  • Outstanding quality and clean application
  • Free from solvents containing n-hexane
  • Free from allergenic fragrances and colouring
  • Independently certified

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My workshop. My health. My life.

A healthy dose of technology.

TUNAP Human Technology® is the one-stop solution for your business. The redesigned range includes all of the maintenance and care products used on a day-to-day basis in motor vehicle workshops. And the Human Technology® workshop rack ensures that your team will always have rapid and easy access to all the products they need.

  • Outstanding quality
  • Fast, clean and user friendly
  • Optimum spray pattern
  • Short evaporation time
human technology
human technology

Make the workshop world a better place!

TUNAP Human Technology® offers the perfect harmony between human needs and modern technology. Our newly developed range of daily-use maintenance products not only provide maximum effectiveness and functionality but pay special attention to users’ health. Many workers will regularly handle maintenance and cleaning products throughout their working lives. And naturally want to do so with no impact to their overall health. We know that you view employee wellbeing as a priority. So why not provide your teams with the very best working environment – every day – with TUNAP Human Technology®.

Ranges of application.

Human Technology® products.

TUNAP Human Technology Products


Liquid Grease Flow

  • High-quality synthetic active liquid grease with PTFE.
  • Excellent creep and lubricating effect and outstanding corrosion protection.
  • Ideal long-term care for all moving, metallic parts.
TUNAP Human Technology Products


Synthetic Oil Fluid

  • Innovative, active synthetic oil with adhesive property for long- term lubrication.
  • Suitable for all moving metallic parts.
  • Also ideal for precision engineering and precision parts - no resin depo- sits or adhesion.
TUNAP Human Technology Products


Penetrating Oil

  • Innovative, synthetic rust-loosening fluid with excellent creep properties.
  • Loosens oxidised screw and plug connections in seconds.
  • Excellent reliability during dismantling thanks to special lubricant.
TUNAP Human Technology Products


Interior Comfort

  • A new type of silicon free concentrate for surfaces and seat belt maintenance. Delays build up of dirt and dust.
  • Prevents squeaking and creaking noise in the plastics area.
  • Has a highly active lubrication effect in area of window guides, door rubbers as well as safety belts.
TUNAP Human Technology Products


Silicone Protect

  • A synthetic active spray for door rubbers and all plastic guides in the interior of a vehicle.
  • Prevents unwanted noises from occurring in an area where plastic meets metal and rubber.
  • Its water repellent protective coating reduces friction wear.
  • Resistant to both high and low temperatures.
TUNAP Human Technology Products


Interior Cleaner

  • Allergy-friendly 3-in-1 active cleaning foam with TUNAP Human Technology®.
  • Removes contamination on plastic, glass and textile surfaces.
  • Streak-free cleaning thanks to special tensides with excellent material compatibility.
  • Neutralises unpleasant odours.
TUNAP Human Technology Products


Break Paste

  • Metal-free brake and assembly paste for use in high and low temperature range from -40°C to 1600°C.
  • Lubricant, release agent and anti-corrosion material for problem-free dismantling and for preventing frictional corrosion.
  • Extremely resistant to salt water and spray water.
  • Reduces friction and wear. For basic and thin-film lubrication.
TUNAP Human Technology Products



  • Cleaner for maintenance, repair and assembly work. Reduced health risk as free from n-hexane.
  • Protection of resources through use of renewable raw materials.
  • Removes dust, encrusted dirt, oil, grease, resin and corrosion protection layers.
TUNAP Human Technology Products


Adhesive Synthetic Lubricant Strong

  • A new type of extremely adhesive synthetic lubricant from the TUNAP Human Technology® series for use under a vehicle.
  • Extremely good resistance to spray and salt water as well as a high resistance to high pressures and temperatures.
  • Extremely good resistance to spray and salt water as well as a high resistance to high pressures and temperatures.


Future. Work. Health.

When making career and job choices, young applicants attach great importance to a healthy and environmentally sustainable workplace. By using TUNAP Human Technology® within your company you will be providing your junior employees with an attractive working environment and the advantage that you are genuinely committed to the responsible use of chemicals.

Independently certified

Independent institutions attest to the high standards of TU- NAP Human Technology®. TUNAP voluntarily submits its products for certification by NSF International, The Public Health and Safety CompanyTM. NSF-certified products are designed for systems and machinery used by the food processing industry, and therefore comply with the stringent requirements that apply to this industry.

Free from the neurotoxin n-hexane

A colourless, highly volatile solvent, n-Hexane is often found in cleaners and can result in irreversible damage to the central nervous system. Over exposure to products that contain n-Hexane causes:

  • headaches
  • numbness
  • dizziness
  • brain damage
  • muscle paralysis

Free from allergenic fragrances and colouring

Conventional care products and lubricants often contain substances and solvents which are harmful to the environment and health, as well as allergenic fragrances and colouring. These ingredients can cause allergies and asthma through contact with the skin or the respiratory tract. This is absolutely safe thanks to the new TUNAP Human Technology®. Also contribute to maintaining the health of the users in the workshop and the end users in your car!


Frequently asked questions.

What do you need to keep in mind when caring for the interior of a motor vehicle or servicing it?

Servicing and cleaning agents have great influence on the air in the interior and therefore the health of the occupants. Many standard such agents are either untested or give rise to health concerns.

How does Human Technology® manage to reconcile sustainability and high tech quality?

TUNAP considers sustainability to include resource economy as well as the health of car occupants and garage staff. TUNAP Human Technology® products for servicing motor vehicles and caring for their interiors fulfil the highest health standards and simultaneously guarantee the best quality in technical application.

What makes Human Technology® unique?

Contact whether with the skin or otherwise is no longer harmful. The new TUNAP Human Technology® contributes to the preservation of the health of those who apply these products in the garage and are exposed to them in their motor vehicles. Independent tests confirm this. TUNAP voluntarily has its products tested by NSF International, The Public Health and Safety Company™. NSF products are usually developed for plant and machinery used in foodstuffs processing. The same high standards are just good enough for products people can come into direct contact with in motor vehicles.

What health risks do such agents involve?

Ingredients such as solvents and perfumes may cause allergies or even asthma if they contact the skin or are inhaled. At a conservative count there are around 20,000 substances that cause allergic reactions. The lemon perfume often used in motor vehicle interior cleaning agents is particularly suspect due to its side effects, for example. It irritates the skin and respiratory organs, skin contact may trigger allergies and it is extremely poisonous for aquatic organisms.

Who is exposed to substances harmful to health?

Potentially, everyone who comes into contact with these products. Increasing numbers of end consumers and mechanics suffer from allergies, asthma and chronic skin ailments due to contact with standard such products. Many such products are hence a risk for the allergic, children and old people as well as garage staff who apply them daily.